1. How much does SiteRubix Cost?

SiteRubix is free to get started and you can have your website up and running literally minutes from now. Your "Starter" membership provides you with two free websites, plus training and support to get your website off the ground!

2. What will my domain name look like?

Your domain name will look similar to "", and it is instantly ready for you to use. Pick your website name, create your starter account, and install your site, it's that simple.

3. What if I want my own domain name?

At any time you can become a Premium member and move your website to a domain name that you own. The process of moving to your own domain (example: happens with the click of a button, it's instant!

4. How long does it take for my website to show up online?

Just a few seconds! After creating your SiteRubix website you will be up and running in literally seconds. Nothing technical to worry about, no domain registering, and no waiting. Building a beautiful website has never been more simple, or fast!

5. What is Wealthy Affiliate?

SiteRubix is part of our Training and Internet business community called All support, coaching, training, and website tools are delivered within which you are provided a free Starter Account with when you create your website at SiteRubix.

A big part of building a beautiful and functional website is having training and support that you can rely on. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, please check out our website!